tiqs lost + found become one of the wolf-pack family.

We are a forward thinking, consumer focused organisation; we love returning lost items to their rightful owners and we believe, above all else, in making life simple.

In our experience, most lost and found services represent a cost to businesses in the hospitality industry, and, if not handled effectively, can lead to customer dissatisfaction, loss of earnings and liability.

Our lost + found solution makes it simple for your business to efficiently manage your customers lost items whilst providing a secure, reliable method of repatriation.

Our simple protocol:

Implement an effective handling process for your employees.

Our free hospitality application, administrator bags and custom ‘lost + found’ dashboard makes it easy for your business to keep track of your customers lost items.

Enable a secure, transparent, reliable service in returning found items to their rightful owners.

We ensure the safe delivery of your customers belongings with tracked local and global shipping.

Pre-empt the inevitable by providing your customers with a free tiqs lost + found starter pack.

Our membership program allows your business to turn the once cumbersome lost + found procedure into high quality customer support transforming an often forgotten, costly customer service into an additional revenue stream.

We provide all the necessary tools at zero cost to your business; as well as, training for your employees and full support from our global lost + found ambassador network.


We exist by challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently, more connected open, making our products simple to use, user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Want to become a tiqs lost + found brand ambassador?

Your customers are losing their belongings — Tiqs helps you get their items back, maintaining security and privacy by design.

We sincerely hope you recognise our vision, join our lost + found community and become a part of our global solution.

tiqs lost + found brand Ambassadors

Our logo-design explained.

A simple, user friendly and accessible logo design. We take a walk on the wild side and look to our furry, four-legged pals “the wolf”, we explain “flow” and the “chat” background for tiqs. Researchers at the Wolf Science Center at the University of Vienna used a test to compare the teamwork capabilities of wolves and dogs. Two animals had to pull ropes attached to different ends of a tray to get a food treat. That the animals had to pull the ropes at the same time to get this treat. Only 1 (one) out of 8 (eight) dog pairs succeeded in getting the treat (food).

5 (Five) of 7 (seven) wolf pairs succeeded.

You can always accomplish more as part of a team than by yourself. Working as a team is the key to make sure your company’s objectives are completed in a timely and efficient manner.


Wolves are constantly communicating with each other, whether through their haunting howls, barking or simply by using body language to communicate their wants and needs. Wolf packs are more successful because of their communication. That’s why we have a chatbox in our logo because communicating is key!

When you have an issue or problem speak up!. 


Wolf packs have strict hierarchies and responsibilities based on those hierarchies. Each wolf knows his or her place, and sticks to his or her responsibilities. This helps the pack function cohesively.

It’s important to respect the systems that are in place. In all likelihood, those systems are there for a reason: to make your work more effective and efficient.    


Your Wolf Pack Is Key to thriving in tough environments

Wolves live in really harsh environments. Without working as a pack, it would be impossible to survive. Wolfs rely on each other for everything from help hunting and warming each other during the cold. A pack of wolves has a much greater chance of bringing down a sizeable kill than a lone wolf.

During hard times, your team will play a key role in helping you get through the challenges. If a crisis arises at work, it’s often easier and more efficient for multiple people to work at solving the problem, rather than just one.


The Wolf creating your flow..

Flow can mean a lot of things, being in a flow means you are passionate doing something and feeling happy. If money flows somewhere, it is moved there one place to another. If information or ideas flow, people start to exchange information or their ideas so that they can discuss them. Flow is a rich word in the English vocabulary and it describes exactly what we have in mind and what us moves to accomplish our goals and objectives. 

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