Reclaim Your Lost Tickets Hassle-Free!

Lost your ticket or didn't receive them? No worries, we've got you covered.

Reclaim your tickets quickly with 3 easy options:

Option 1: Online Ticket Reclaim

- Go to this webpage

- Fill in the date of purchase and the email of used for ticket purchase

- Click on the "RESEND TICKETS" button

- Your ticket will be resent to your email.

Option 2: MyTIQS app

- Go to Google Play or Apple App Store

- Download the myTIQS app

- Register of Login with the email used for ticket purchase

- Your tickets are displayed in the app

- Your ticket will be resent to your email.

Download on Appstore
Download on Playstore

Option 3: Contact Support

- Email us at

- Include your name, email, purchase date, bank statement details and the event information (name, date)

Our dedicated support team will handle your request promptly.

Thank you for choosing TIQS!