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Drop-off onboarding form

  • Name of the organisation (hotel, club, restaurant, bar)
  • The number of lost and found items processed by you in a month.

We make the lost + found process very simple for your business. As a drop-off point, you will receive a “hospitality box” — a hard folder containing a number of tiqs lost + found storage bags and a link to download our registration app.

Once an item is dropped off by a finder, the establishment takes a photo of the lost item with the tiqs app. The photo of the item is then watermarked with a unique code which will serve as its identification number, followed by inputting the category of the item (phone, wallet, sunglasses, etc.), a small description with any remarkable details, date, and the location of where it was found.

As a drop-off point, how will I know when the owner of the item has been informed?

If the item already has a registered sticker or tag then the procedure is exactly the same as if it were to be transferred from individual to individual, as outlined in the previous questions. When the item is solely tagged by image, you the establishment, will receive an e-mail that the owner has been located with the lost item is ready to be shipped.

Nothing! The tiqs lost + found system will inform you that a DHL courier is coming to pick-up the package. Once the drop off point has already bagged the item and filled out the information on the front of the provided storage bags, the DHL courier will then pack and label the package to be sent to the owner.

Nothing! We do not charge any cost for the hospitality box or additional bags. Rest assured this is the best solution available with no administration and limited involvement with the exception of taking the photo of the lost item, inputting pertinent details, and bagging it up for storage until it is picked up by DHL.

Yes! We compensate acting drop off points for the time spent registering the lost + found items. A percentage of the shipping cost is set apart for your business... based on the location of your establishment and the amount of items lost + found, a payable fee is contracted.

Yes! As a service to your customers, you may distribute tiqs bag tags and sticker packs. For example, a hotel might offer a bag tag together with a room key at check in.

No worries! Our local tiqs lost + found affiliates can handle pick-ups from your drop-off location, where they are responsible for taking a photo of the item, inputting the details for its registration, and sealing it up in a provided tiqs storage bag. Once this process is completed, we can leave the item with your business for storage and easy DHL pickup or we can take the item off your hands, as we understand that space may be limited at your establishment.

Your handling fee and commission, associated with verified, paid up accounts and determined by origin location, will be visible through your company login. Tiqs lost + found offers a weekly payout for amounts higher than €250.