Yearly subscription tiqs with FREE bag-tag/stickers pack

24.70 7.24

tiqs bag-tag/stickers pack yearly subscription exists out of the FREE tag and stickers with a € 7,24 yearly subscription coupon send to you by separate mail. The tag and stickers are send to you by mail (post) the subscription coupon valued at € 7,24 by e-mail.



For less than 2 cents a day, we keep your worries away! Directly shipped to your address from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France and Spain
The Free tiqs tag-bag and stickers are shipped to you with normal mail. The package consist out of 1 tag,  string, 3 stickers and quick start.

No worries on your holiday or business trip for less than 2 cents a day!

tiqs lost + found is a global lost and found solution operating worldwide. We take away the hassle for the finder, the owner and drop-off points like hotels, bars, restaurants, (beach, dance, leisure) clubs, mussea, airports, train stations, taxi companies,  etc.




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