Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know… about tiqs bag-tags, stickers and self registered codes on items.

After you’ve registered your stickers and tag, you will receive a confirmation email from Tiqs lost+found with your personal login credentials that also explains the service in detail, and offers some nice tips and tricks!

You can add as many tags and sticks as you want to your personal account. Just scan the QR code or follow the manual registration procedure. Use the same e-mail linked to your account and the extra items will then be added.

Yes! After clicking on “Your bag-tags, stickers and codes” in your dashboard, you can add items like your ID/license/passport, credit or debit card by entering the specific documentation number. When someone finds your passport, for example, the number is then used as the unique ID and you will be informed of the lost item’s location.

It’s completely free to register your items with our Tiqs lost+found tags and stickers. If you find that you are enjoying our service, for less than two cents a day, you can register an unlimited amount of items to your account for only €7,24 a year.

If you choose not to subscribe to the yearly service, your items will still be registered with us. However, if one of your items is lost and you go to retrieve it, you will be charged €24,70 for the first year of your membership. If you continue with the service after the first year, you will be charged the normal price of €7,24/yr. The choice is yours of course, but we recommend insuring your belongings from the beginning so you can instantly stay informed of the whereabouts of your items!

If you happen to lose one of your items, login to your account and and access your items via your personal dashboard. You can then update the status of the specific item to being lost.

If you happen to find an item with a tiqs lost + found tag or sticker, simply scan the sticker on the found item where you’re redirected to our main webpage at, click “Found an Item” and manually register the QR code. The system will redirect you to the found item screen where you’ll be required to register your e-mail and optional phone number.

Tiqs lost + found is also capable of organising the recovery of item without a QR code. In collaboration with our various worldwide drop-off points, we also register untagged items. When an item is dropped off by a finder, a photo is taken, the date, and the location of where it was found are noted and the item is given its own unique QR code in our system. The owner can then claim the item through our patented process.

Your untagged item has been dropped off and added to our lost + found system. You can claim your item following the claim procedure— once you’ve located your lost item in our database, pay the return shipping fees (DHL), followed by verifying your personal identification (national identity card, driver’s license, passport, etc.). After we have verified the ID, we will ask for a proof of address via utility bill or bank statement. Once everything has been completed and verified, we

will proceed with the repatriating of your item. This process may seem long, but it eliminates the complicated process of determining ownership and ensures that the item is returned to its proper owner.

If your lost item has been found, you will be informed immediately and sent information regarding all return shipping fees. Using the verified, personal address associated with your account, DHL will determine a shipping cost based on the “from” and “to”. Only after payment will DHL be automatically informed and your item collected, packed, and shipped within 48 hours.

Note: Security measures have been put in place to monitor any transportation of dangerous and/ or illegal goods.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the return service without covering shipping costs. Our fully automated service is in place for less than 2 cents a day and we do not wish to charge higher initiation fees to ensure the coverage of shipping lost items down the line. In many cases, when covered and claimed, your insurance will be happy to serve you in covering return costs. We have a special agreement with DHL that ensures the lowest price possible based on the location of your item’s pickup and return.

Is my personal data or address shared with the finder of my item?

No. We do not share your personal information or address with the finder of your lost item. For an example of security reasons, when an item such as your house keys are found, we would not put you at risk by also sharing the return address.

Tiqs lost + found is GDPR compliant whilst sharing only necessary personal information between finder and owner.

If you find that you are no longer in need of our service, you may cancel your subscription at any time. However, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for the initial signup and registration of items through our service.

You can find your item without a tag or sticker in your personal dashboard.

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