Does your business have a well-defined efficient procedure for handling your customers lost items? Did you know, the average number of items lost each year in a hotel is more than 350 for every 100 rooms per year?

Either a small or big business in hospitality lost + found item handling is a non-revenue business stream. Calculate your business cost at the end of this article.

Lost and Found is often overlooked as a customer service component in the hospitality industry, however, the service can either make or break your brand loyalty. Lost and Found should be as important, efficient and customer friendly as your front desk staff check in procedures.

Provide your customers with the best possible experience with tiqs lost + found, when they lose personal items begins by with establishing written procedures detailing the entire lost and found process. Better yet, consider creating a “Best Practice” protocol for the Lost and Found services of your business with tiqs lost + found.

The handling of lost items and the treatment of its owner, will leave a lasting impression and may be the last thing that they remember about your hotel. 1 in 3 travelers would consider switching hotel brands to a hotel that offers state of the art Lost and Found services and a whopping 66% would either change or consider changing hotel brands that offer a complete, efficient and cost effective Lost and Found service.

Centralise the lost and found process, make one person or department responsible and accountable.

tiqs lost + found back-end for hospitality helps you in a simple, transparent, secure and private way record, process return items to the owner.

Develop an inventory control system for all items with a complete chain of custody for all activity relating to each item.

By design the tiqs lost + found system has a complete chain of custody (also login accountability) to maintain the security and privacy obligated by law and internal procedures.

Provide an easy process for your staff to record and turn in found items, “bagging and tagging” each item whilst detailing important information; date found; area or room number; current location, the employee who found the item and a brief description.

A simple administration process on Android or IOS (BYOD) or with the tiqs dedicated scanner solution

Create a reporting document similar to the found items form for lost items reported by a guest that can be filled out by housekeeping, the front desk or a phone operator.

tiqs lost + found makes it simple, no additional forms, no cumbersome processes.

Establish a centralized, secure “holding” location for all items.

We provide handling bags to process the lost item, you only have to store it at a safe location, you tag and bag it, secure and with privacy by design.

Develop security procedures to safeguard found items, especially items with high value.

Items are placed in the handling bags, tagged and administered in the gab-end system. Bags cannot be opened after closing, they are secure and maintain privacy.

Use the most cost effective shipper for returning a guests found item(s).

tiqs lost + found by having a global solution for returning items has a competitive rate for the owner in returning the item.

If you are charging customers for the return of an item implement safety measures to secure guest personal and credit card payment information

tiqs lost + found is by design secure and complies with the GDPR privacy regulations.

Document every item picked up in person at your hotel. Require an ID and a signature before handing over an item.

tiqs lost + found has a unique return process in place to avoid returning items in bath faith to people.

Be proactive, communicate as quickly as possible with your guests and let them know the status of their report, this is especially important if their item was not found.

The owner gets a personal dashboard to see the progress of the return of the lost and found item and with the return shipment a free bag-tag to sticker any new items.

Train all hotel staff who may be in contact with a guest, highlighting the importance and benefits of your Lost and Found protocol and the importance in providing outstanding customer service.

We have a complete video and paper instruction kit available for your staff to provide outstanding lost + found with tiqs.

With this calculator you are able to calculate the cost of your lost and found handling.

number of rooms
Time spend on handling the lost and found (0.25 = 15 minutes)
Cost per hour handling
Average shipment cost for repatriating the lost item to the owner
Total cost current cost of lost and found€ 

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