Brand Guidelines

Welcome to TIQS's brand resources page. This is where you can find and download the brand assets you need.

Our brand guidelines are about making sure that our brand looks and speaks the same across all media. Please help us keep its spirit.

Our Colors

TIQS colors are bright,  focussed and timeless. Combinations of the selected colors need to be contrasting and ambient. Examples are shown in the images. 

HEX: #203C87
RGB: rgb(32,60,135)
HEX: #CE6925
RGB: rgb(206,105,37)
HEX: #9DC0B5
RGB: rgb(157,192,181)
HEX: #F1887C
RGB: rgb(241,136,124)
HEX: #E5393D
RGB: rgb(229,57,61)
HEX: #DA3978
RGB: rgb(218,57,120)
HEX: #72B19F
RGB: rgb(114,177,159)
HEX: #203D87
RGB: rgb(32,61,135)
HEX: #F3D0B5
RGB: rgb(243,208,181)
HEX: #6A2B34
RGB: rgb(106,43,52)
HEX: #F1E522
RGB: rgb(241,229,34)
HEX: #E25F2A
RGB: rgb(226,95,42)
HEX: #964000
RGB: rgb(150,64,0)
HEX: #CF9812
RGB: rgb(207,152,18)
HEX: #FD6102
RGB: rgb(253,97,2)
HEX: #F9A602
RGB: rgb(249,166,2)
RGB: rgb(255,191,0)
HEX: #131e3a
RGB: rgb(19,30,58)
HEX: #003151
RGB: rgb(0,49,81)
HEX: #0E4C92
RGB: rgb(14,76,146)
HEX: #4682B4
RGB: rgb(70,130,180)
HEX: #95C8D8
RGB: rgb(149,200,216)
HEX: #818380
RGB: rgb(129,131,128)
RGB: rgb(185,187,182)
HEX: #808588
RGB: rgb(128,133,136)
HEX: #997950
RGB: rgb(153,121,80)
HEX: #7F461B
RGB: rgb(127,70,27)
HEX: #613613
RGB: rgb(97,54,19)
HEX: #3a1f04
RGB: rgb(58,31,4)
HEX: #702963
RGB: rgb(112,41,99)
HEX: #6F2DA8
RGB: rgb(111,45,168)
HEX: #af69ee
RGB: rgb(175,105,238)
RGB: rgb(180,126,222)
HEX: #043927
RGB: rgb(4,57,39)
HEX: #0B6623
RGB: rgb(11,102,35)
HEX: #2e8b57
RGB: rgb(46,139,87)
HEX: #98fb98
RGB: rgb(152,251,152)
HEX: #9dc183
RGB: rgb(157,193,131)

Our Typography

Campton is an unconventional geometric family based on geometric fonts like Futura or Avant Garde. The result is a modern and quirky family that is perfectly suited for graphic design application ranging from editorial and corporate design to web and interaction design. Although based on geometric forms, Campton has subtle touches of humanist warmth. 

Aa Bb

Font: campton-light
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Aa Bb

Font: campton-bold
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Image examples

Our Vision

COMMUNICATION IS KEY Wolves are constantly communicating with each other, whether through their haunting howls, barking or simply by using body language to communicate their wants and needs. Wolf packs are more successful because of their communication. When you have an issue or problem speak up!. 

RESPECT THE SYSTEMS Wolf packs have strict hierarchies and responsibilities based on those hierarchies. Each wolf knows his or her place, and sticks to his or her responsibilities. This helps the pack function cohesively. It’s important to respect the systems that are in place. In all likelihood, those systems are there for a reason: to make your work more effective and efficient.     

THE TEAM THAT PLAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER Your Wolf Pack Is Key to thriving in tough environments Wolves live in really harsh environments. Without working as a pack, it would be impossible to survive. Wolfs rely on each other for everything from help hunting and warming each other during the cold. A pack of wolves has a much greater chance of bringing down a sizeable kill than a lone wolf. During hard times, your team will play a key role in helping you get through the challenges. If a crisis arises at work, it’s often easier and more efficient for multiple people to work at solving the problem, rather than just one.

WOLF BACKWARDS, SAYS FLOW The Wolf creating your flow.. Flow can mean a lot of things, being in a flow means you are passionate doing something and feeling happy. If money flows somewhere, it is moved there one place to another. If information or ideas flow, people start to exchange information or their ideas so that they can discuss them. Flow is a rich word in the English vocabulary and it describes exactly what we have in mind and what us moves to accomplish our goals and objectives.  In our flow of creativity we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the current status quo is by making our products by design simple to use, user friendly , secure and accessible by everyone We just happen to make great software. Want to join us?