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One Love Records was founded by the late legendary DJ/Producer Paul Johnson and Dutch DJ/Producer Alex Pi after 20 plus years of friendship. The pair had ONE common LOVE, music, which led to the formation of this cutting edge record label. One Love Record’s mission is to truly bring people together all over the world by being a catalyst for the music. This goal is achieved by its artists consistently producing trend setting tracks, all while staying true to its underground roots. 


Chicago born Paul Johnson, most known for his hit, “Get Get Down” and for an accomplished career spanning over thirty years, left the earth in 2021. Johnson boasted a vast catalog of music featured on several iconic record labels. In the years prior to his death, he decided it was time to add label owner to his distinctions yet again and provide a home for his own music. As a true musical tastemaker, Paul Johnson’s influence and curation are apparent upon hearing tracks released on One Love Records. Even post mortem, Paul Johnson will remain an integral part of the One Love Records family.  


For Alex Pi aka Rulex, it all begins in the studio. Musically notorious for his intensity both in the studio and behind the decks, his passion and talent are undeniable. As a sought after record label owner, who has professionally partnered with the likes of Gene Farris and DJ Pierre, it was only natural that Alex Pi saw the vision of One Love Records to fruition. Pi's keen ear and industry insight is what makes this pair unstoppable as label owners. One Love Records, founded in friendship and fueled by a divine commitment honoring Paul Johnson’s legacy strives to give its artists a platform to display their music to the world because “it dont stop”.


One Love Records is your source for authentic House music, rhythmic Tech House and bass heavy Techno, masterfully created by artists hailing from the birthplaces of these genres.  Our mission is to truly bring people together all over the world by being an audio catalyst.  Music from One Love Records is digitally distributed by Labelworx and available for purchase by clicking the images below and via all major digital download sites, like Beatport, Traxsource and Bandcamp.



Here below you see the list of artist who are on One Love Records.


Paul Johnson
Alex Pi
Analog Kitchen
Chester Code
Chip E
Daisy Rose
Direktor Mike
DJ Dagwood
DJ Pierre
El Funkador
Eric Martin




Jerome Baker
Jurgen Bouman
Lucien Foort
Lil Tal
MC Fadoua Mae
Puft Dank
Ricky Sinz
Robert Armani
Sir Mel Hammond 


Here below you see the list of our crew who you can book for you events.
For designs of artwork, concepts and merchandise.

Michèle Kelder
Ron Van Rutten
Viv Naastenpad


Design: Artwork & Merchandise 

Penelope Haagenaars

Also online courses!



One Love is dedicated to being a catalyst for music and providing the very best in House, Techno and Tech House.  World class music producers never stop learning.  Take your production skills to the next level with the uber talented, Analog Kitchen.  Hailed for his live electronic music sets, Analog Kitchen has created a series of videos dedicated to sharing his tricks of the trade in dawless music production.  

When Analog Kitchen first started, he didn’t have any adequate resources to answer the questions he had, which is one of the motivations behind the creation of these highly educational videos. Since every setup is personal, it helps to get a look in the kitchen, so to speak. Enjoy, leave a comment or pre register to stay up to date on the latest in music production and on all things One Love.


Ubeat Academy


In a time where every DAW or instrument has hundreds of free tutorials online it’s hard to decide where to go or where to start. For instance, you can find a lot of information about the functionality of a compressor, but no one is telling you when to pick which compressor and how to use it in a musical way.

The solution? Experience. You need someone that has walked this path before. Someone who can help you in making the right choices to find your own signature sound. Take your listening and thinking to a whole new level so that you know what to do next.

Dutch production house Popcentrale and music school ToBe team up with Lucien Foort (Analog Kitchen), bringing his 35 years of international top level experience to the table. Together we form Ubeat Academy, an educational program that you can’t find anywhere else. Our unique form of schooling contains joining a global community network, playing and attending live events and working with industry professionals. Located at the Energiehuis in Dordrecht, Netherlands, Ubeat Academy offers a broad range of on- and offline education.



Here below you see the list of concepts we do with One Love Records.


Events & Tickets

Agenda & tickets



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Contact Us

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